Looking for a photographer that fits your family's needs and style can be a bit overwhelming. Here's 5 important tips to keep in mind while you're searching for the perfect photographic artist for you and your new baby.

1) Book Early: The best time to schedule your newborn session is 2-4 months before your baby is born. Once your newborn baby arrives, life tends to get a little busy. Booking a portrait session is usually the last thing on your mind. Pick a time on the schedule that is 5 to 10 days after your scheduled due date. Most babies typically arrive earlier or late only by a couple of days. So, you're booked session will usually work out just fine. Scheduling in advance will hold your time on your photographer’s schedule and gives room for planning and to move your appointment around if needed. Most photographers have a limited amount of newborn babies that they will photograph each month. Booking ahead will ensure that you are scheduled with your favorite photographer and you won't miss out on this special time.

2) Photographic Style: Style is very important. If you love simple, clean and organic style baby portraits but the gallery you're looking at is stylized with lots of props and themes. Keep searching. There's a photographer for everyone's style. When your looking for a newborn photographer be sure to study their portfolio. Professional newborn photographers will usually showcase their favorites and best of the best. Notice the colors they they use. Do you see the kind of props & accessories that you like? Do you see images that evoke emotion and love? Are family portraits and sibling portraits important for your baby’s session, but you only see examples of newborn babies alone? Be sure to pick a photographer that showcases images that you want hanging on your walls. This will ensure that you have the pictures that you've been imagining for your newborn.

3) Price: Budget is important and must be considered, but should not be the absolute deciding factor. If you really love your chosen photographer’s work, ask if they offer payment plans. It’s never a good idea to hire an professional service simply because they are the cheapest. Not all photographers are created equal, especially when it comes to newborn babies. A photographer's price is typically based on their own value of their skill set. Choose a photographer that is confident in the work that they do. Having a new baby is a major life event. Just like a wedding is a once in a lifetime moment. The very best of baby photographs are usually an investment.

4) Experience: Are the photographers you are considering professionals or aspiring professionals? Do they have a business license and liability insurance? What are their qualifications? How long have they been working with newborn babies? Do they come highly recommended? Be sure you know that the person you're going to hand your newborn over to is qualified & trustworthy.

5) Communication:  Get your photographer on the phone. You can only get so much information through text and email.  Most professional photographers will offer an in person or phone consultation to discuss all of the details. Be sure that you can trust your photographer and that you feel comfortable asking questions and sharing ideas. You and your photographer should be on the same page about each detail of your session. You should have a clear understanding of the portrait process, fees and products before booking your session.

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