Baby photography that stands the test of time

In general, most professional newborn photographers will tell you that they don't photograph newborn babies past 10 days old. Now for sure, I totally agree that photographing at 5 to 7 day old baby makes the job so much easier. Especially when you have expectations of a sleepy cuddly baby in a basket, or just using props in general. But, this baby here was 10 weeks old! And obviously I'm biased. But seriously, aren't these the most amazing images of this family?   There's no way that I could tell them “your baby is too old. I can't photograph you.” Absolutely no way! I would have missed out on such a special moment. I will tell you though, throw all expectations out the window and let's just have a great time.

This session really brought me back. It reminded me of of a time when there wasn't really any expectations or rules for photographing a baby. Normally, I would get a call, a family would want baby pictures and then I took them. The only expectation was beautiful pictures. And That's what I delivered. I felt like I was back in 2004.

With all of the amazing things we can do with baby photography nowadays. I think this is still my absolute favorite. It's simple and it's timeless and it absolutely captures the love, connection and bonding that you have with your newborn baby. Although, I adore modern style baby photography, the kinds with props and stylized outfits. These here are the portraits that I think you will cherish when your baby has grown. The ones that show connection. The ones that stand the test of time.

What do you think? What do you look for with your newborn portraits? When you look at images which one's really grab your heart?  Leave a comment let me know what you think.





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