The sibling connection

Some of my favorite portraits that I have hanging on my wall are my  kiddos together. There's something about having all of your children in one portrait that just makes your heart melt. I stare at them everyday. And, everyday it never gets old. I just adore them. I take one portrait of my kids every year. I photograph it in the same-ish simple style. It's either a clean white, grey, or tan backdrop. But regardless of how I stylize the session, they always end up making it their own. Which is what I love. I don't really want pictures of silly props and distractions. I just want to see the love and the silliness and the individual personalities of my kidos.  

My clients are so lucky! They get to start documenting the sibling connection at the teeny tiny age of 7 days old. Sometimes I get a protective big sister. Sometimes I have a jealous little brother. Sometimes I have a 2 year old that thinks the baby is theirs. Each sibling portrait and their dynamic tells us a different story. I love being the one to document that story.


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