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Most newborn photographers have an age limit for photographing newborns. Generally, 7-13 days old is the best time to photograph your newborn. It's true. Babies are much more manageable if you like the poses where your baby is bundled up and posed with props. 

But! I'd like you to know; it's never too late to photograph your new baby. I remember what it's like after you have just given birth. You're tired, tired, and more tired! Photography is your last thought. So, if you're one of those mommas that didn't pre-plan to have your baby photographed. Never fear! You will have gorgeous photos at any age. I promise! I only recommend that you come to the studio without particular expectations. 

As a photographer, I am baby-led. That means, whatever poses the baby will let me do, then I'll do. But I'll never force a baby into a pose that she doesn't like. 

Surprise! This sweet baby doll is three weeks old and so sleepy—baby number four to a beautiful and loving family. I'm so lucky to have met them all!


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