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If you're just not sure what to wear for your family portrait session here are a few tips that just might get you inspired! Color harmony is one of the most important elements in a family portrait. Carefully planning out your family's wardrobe will make all the difference so let's jump into color!




The first step is to pick your setting. Here at the beach, the sunset brings us lots of beautiful colors. Your clothing should harmonize with your background. Choose clothing that compliments your background by selecting colors similar to your setting or colors that are opposite on the color wheel.



Choose colors that will compliment your home.  Your portraits will hang on your walls for years to come. Make sure they complement the decor.



Dress your family with the holidays in mind. Bring out the holiday spirit without using props or signs that you may not want in your portraits throughout the years.


Dress mom first! We all know that Mom needs to look the best in the family portrait, right? I recommend mom choosing her outfit first. And then coordinating the rest of the family around the colors in her dress.



Keep it simple, jeans and button-up shirts for men and boys and simple dresses for women and girls always look amazing! You don't all have to wear the same thing! Choose 4 to 5 colors to dress your family in. Choose colors that complement each other and the setting of your portrait session.


Layers are always fun, jackets, vest, scarves, and other accessories bring some style and flair to the session.



Be comfortable! Choose outfits that your family would normally enjoy getting spruced up in. 



As always, if you need my help choosing colors and locations, feel free to contact me! You know that l always love to chat. 951-294-1059.



I'm looking for the perfect family for these jewel tones.. Will it be you?



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